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Neon Signs For Business

Putting a neon in your workplace can brighten the mood. Add a splash of positivity and inspiration to you and your colleagues. If you want your logo in neon, you have come the right place. Please fill out our simple form and we will get back to you with a quote.

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A beautiful neon sign will be sure to attract attention and display your brand in a colourful way

Neon signs are great! Since the 1980s businesses have been using them to draw attention into their shops, cafes and other businesses. Once you have one they speak for themselves. Not only will you and your colleagues love it you can be sure that any potential customers will to!
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  • Receive your sign within 14 working days!

Neon Signs For Influencers

We have supplied neon signs to many influencers and they all love them. From YouTubers to Instagram Influencers. They are extremely popular with YouTube & Twitch streamers. They have them in the background of their streams and they can really create an amazing atmosphere.

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Neon Business Signs

We have worked with so many different brands and companies to bring them some beautiful neon signs for their businesses. We have created some beautiful bespoke neon lights and we cant wait to work with new businesses to create some more amazing signs!

Neon Logo Signs

Every business needs a logo. No matter your industry, having your logo in an LED neon sign will inevitably draw in customers and create a nice ambiance in your workplace. LED Neon Lights have a beautiful aesthetic and combined with your own custom led neon logo you can create something really cool. We can help to create your sign from start to finish. We are always here to help.

Outdoor Neon Signs

Looking for an outdoor waterproof led neon sign for your business? Neon Direct can help! We offer waterproof signs that are sealed in an acrylic box to ensure maximum water resistance. Please ask us for more information

Neon Window Signs

We have a range of preset LED neon open signs for your shop window on our website. Each one can be customised with your business logo. If you want a custom neon sign we can come up with a truly unique design just for you. You could also just have your logo in an led neon light with a hanging kit which will allow you to easily hang your neon sign in your shop window.

UV Printed Neon Signs

Does your logo have intricate designs that may not be able to be created in neon? Like a mascot or image? No problem at all, we can UV Print onto your led neon sign to create your logo.

Shop Front Neon Signs

We believe every store would benefit from a bold and bright led neon light outside to attract customers and invite them into your store. We find these led neon signs are very popular with party shops, barbers and electronic stores but would work in any application. Enquire now for a free quote for your shop from LED neon sign.


How Long Will My Sign Last? ⏰

LED Neon Signs can last up to 100,000 hours, even if they are switched on 24 hours a day, although just like any appliance it’s recommended to have a period where it is switched off.

Does My Sign Come With Warranty? ❤️

Yes you will! When purchasing an LED Sign from Neon Direct you will receive a Three Year Warranty. This covers you in the unlikely case that your sign becomes defective within the 1st year from the date that you receive your sign. This does not cover any accidental damage or water damage.

How Much Does A Neon Sign Cost? 💸

Every design is different. Our signs are priced up based on how much material is used to create your sign. The more complex the design, the more material used. This will increase the price.

How Long Until I Receive My Sign? 🚚

Your sign should be delivered to you within 14 working days from the date of your order. With some signs it may be slightly longer especially if the sign is larger it may take us a few extra days to craft and inspect your sign. But generally we always aim for 14 working days from the date of your order.

We offer an Express Productions service which puts your sign at the top of our production queue. This will bring the lead time down to around 10 working days.

If you need your sign by a specific date please contact us on before ordering and we will advice if the date you need your sign is achievable.

How Do I Power My Sign? 🔌

All of our signs are powered with a Power Transformer that plugs into the mains. Some signs may require multiple power transformers depending on the size & complexity of the design.

Please click HERE to see our article on how to power your sign.

What Are The Signs Made From? 🏗

All of our signs are manufactured on a piece of acrylic that can be cut to shape or whole board depending on your preference. Your design is then etched into that acrylic and we begin crafting your sign using Flex LED Neon.

What Is The Difference Between LED Neon & Glass Neon? ⚡️

There are many benefits of using LED Neon instead of traditional glass neon.


First things first, LED Neon Signs offer much less of a safety risk due to its lower voltage to operate, the sign does not generate heat and the absence of glass from LED Signs makes it suitable for any environment as it is much less likely to break.


Our signs have an extremely long lifespan with approximately a 100,000 hours however they can last much longer than that. Traditional glass neon signs have a life span of approximately 10,000 hours with the neon within the glass needing to be replaced after a certain time.

Product Installation:

For the majority of LED Neon Signs, a specialist installation team will not be required as they are lightweight and built for easy installation in mind. The fragile nature of traditional glass neon means they must be handled with care and installed by a specialist team.


LED Neon Signs are generally significantly cheaper to purchase without compromising on visual. Traditional glass neon usually has a much higher upfront cost and the fragile nature of the materials used means you might be spending more on repairs.