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Frequently Asked Questions

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How long does a NeonDirect LED Sign last?

LED Signs can last up to 100,000 hours, even if they are switched on 24 hours a day, although just like any appliance it’s recommended to have a period where it is switched off.

Will my product be covered with a warranty?

Yes. When purchasing an LED Sign from Neon Direct you will receive a one year warranty on any faulty signs excluding accidental damage.

You can also extend this warranty for an additional year at a additional cost.

How much does a NeonDirect LED Sign cost?

The cost of our signs range depending on what you as a customer are looking for and if you wish to purchase a custom sign or one of our in house stock designs. However our prices start from around £150.

How long will it take for me to receive my product?

We give at least 7 working days for delivery but we always aim to get your order to you within 7 working days once dispatched. However this will vary order to order depending on customisation and product size.

How are the signs powered?

All of our products will connect straight into a standard power socket with a 12V transformer. You will receive the standard plug of your shipping country depending on your shipping address.

Can I choose the font style of my sign?

Certainly! We have a vast selection of fonts to select from to match your sign perfectly to your ideas. Alternatively if you have a particular font in mind that is not in our selection, then let one of our team know and we can see what we can do.

Can NeonDirect create LED Signs from logos or images?

Yes and they look fantastic! If you go to the ‘Custom Logo’ page on our website you will be able to upload an image or logo for us to provide a free mockup and quote for you.

Image Limitations:

  • Please note that due to the nature and thickness of the LED neon tubes there will be a minimum size requirement for some images or logos. Simplicity in image shapes is also important and will provide a much more effective replication of the image or logo. Please message us if you have any questions or queries about using your logo.
Does my NeonDirect LED Sign come with any special features?

With all Neon Direct purchases, you will be supplied with a remote control as standard which controls basic features such as ON/OFF, dimmer and pulsating effects.

We are able to supply you with more advanced control over your Neon Sign as an additional extra which allows you to control and adjust more advanced special features. Please see our Product Information Page to find out more about our additional add ons.

How do I hang or mount my NeonDirect LED Sign?

Most NeonDirect LED Signs will come with an acrylic backboard with pre-drilled holes and screws for safe and easy installation. If you do not want your sign to be fixed or wall mounted then let us know on enquiry and we can offer you some alternative solutions such as hanging or standing.

If you have purchased a larger sign or a sign for permanent outdoor use for example, then we would recommend specialist installation. NeonDirect is not responsible for the installation of our products but will offer advice if needed.

Can NeonDirect LED Signs be used outside and are they waterproof?

Yes we are able to provide signs that are suitable for outdoor use and waterproof. Please make sure you inform us if this is something you are looking for upon enquiry as it is not a standard for NeonDirect LED Signs.

What are NeonDirect LED Signs made from?

All of our NeonDirect LED Signs are made from premium quality, flame retardant PVC’s which prevent the product from generating surface heat and becoming a safety risk. All of our LED Signs also come mounted onto an acrylic background for easy installation.

How safe are NeonDirect LED Signs and do heat up?

Our LED Signs are environmentally friendly and power using a 12V transformer therefore functions at a safer voltage than that for traditional glass neon. No heat will be generated or emitted from the surface of the sign due to the low voltage used to power the product.

How do NeonDirect LED Signs differ from glass neon signs?

There are many benefits of using LED Neon instead of traditional glass neon.


First things first, LED Neon Signs offer much less of a safety risk due to its lower voltage to operate, the sign does not generate heat and the absence of glass from LED Signs makes it suitable for any environment as it is much less likely to break.


LEDs have an extremely long lifespan with approximately a 30,000 – 70,000 hour function life, however could last much longer than that. Traditional glass neon signs have a life span of approximately 10,000 hours with the neon within the glass needing to be replaced after a certain time.

Product Installation:

For the majority of LED Neon Signs, a specialist installation team will not be required as they are lightweight and built for easy installation in mind. The fragile nature of traditional glass neon means they must be handled with care and installed by a specialist team.


LED Neon Signs are generally significantly cheaper to purchase without compromising on visual effect and generally cheaper to maintain and repair. Traditional glass neon usually has a much higher upfront cost and the fragile nature of the materials used means you might be spending more on repairs.

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