Acrylic Backboards

Neon Direct offer plenty of backing options and colours for you to choose ensure you get the right look in your space. Learn about the choices below.

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Cut Around

Embrace the contours of your sign with our Cut Around Acrylic, which is meticulously shaped to closely follow the outline of your design for a sleek, tailored finish.


Choose our classic Rectangle Acrylic backing to frame your neon sign with clean lines and a traditional touch that never goes out of style.

Cut to letter

Cut to letter signs can be hung or wall mounted. The acrylic is minimalist in looks, ideal for interior installations.


Let your neon glow take center stage with our Clear Acrylic backing, which allows the light to radiate uninhibited for a luminous display.


Select our Black Acrylic backing to create a dramatic contrast that amplifies the vibrancy of your neon colours and adds depth to your sign./p>


Go for our White Acrylic backing to achieve a crisp, airy aesthetic that enhances the luminosity of your neon sign and complements any decor.


Elevate the elegance of your neon sign with our opulent Gold Acrylic backing, perfect for adding a touch of luxury and sophistication to your display.


With our chic Silver Acrylic backing, give your neon sign a modern and refined edge that effortlessly melds with a variety of settings.

Make your custom neon sign

Use our online neon sign tool to make your very own neon creation or fill out the form below and we will assist you. Our online neon tool is great if you are looking for some instant visuals.