Gaming Neon Signs For Streamers

A gaming neon sign could be the perfect present for yourself or someone else. Gaming is part of our lives, and having s neon sign in a game room looks fantastic. If you like to make streaming content for YouTube, Twitch or TikTok, then having a neon logo sign in your background looks impressive.

Neon Signs for Game Rooms

A neon wall light in your gaming room can look very cool, giving a modern look to the décor. Having neon lights for your gaming room gives enough light to see without being too bright to distract from your screen. Choosing something like a Pac-man neon sign or the logo for an Xbox neon sign can look good and tie in with your interests. You may prefer a Nintendo neon sign or a neon Pokémon wall light. Having the shapes from the buttons of an Xbox controller or a PlayStation controller in neon of different colours across your wall would look very effective. A fun idea is to have a neon Pac-man chasing dots in bright LED neon lights or a neon Pac-man ghost.

Modern faux neon signs are made of LED, so they are very flexible and can be made into any shape, including having LED lighting as words. You could have a neon sign with sayings or funny quotes relating to gaming. A small neon sign could say something like ‘Game Over’, ‘Level Up’ ‘, Noobs welcome’ or ‘Gamer Girls’.

A slightly bigger sign could say ‘Just one more game’, ‘Ready, player one’, ‘Eat, sleep, game, repeat’ or ‘Create your own reality’. If you feel welcoming, you could choose an LED neon sign with neon words saying ‘Let’s game together’ or ‘Here comes a new challenger’. A fun neon sign could say ‘I have control issues’ with pictures of controllers in neon.

If you were thinking of having a large neon wall sign, you could opt for ‘Gamers don’t die, they respawn’, ‘Gaming in progress, eye contact and small talk unavailable’ or ‘Video games ruined my life, good job I have two more’.

Gamers Neon Lights

Neon YouTube Logo Sign

YouTube has been around since 2005, with Twitch getting going in 2011 and TikTok starting in 2016. It’s safe to say that uploading videos for viewers to stream is becoming more popular. YouTube has a lot of different content, and having a neon YouTube logo on your wall can help make your videos stand out from the crowd. Twitch focused mainly on esports and gaming when it first started, and having a distinctive Twitch neon sign can help identify your output. Videos on TikTok tend to be short so having a TikTok logo neon light behind you as neon wall art can catch the eye and make an impact.

Gamers often upload walkthroughs and tips on a particular game to YouTube. Having a neon sign highlighting the game in view could be effective; whether your game of choice is Fallout, Minecraft, Final Fantasy or Fortnite, it will look good in neon. Or, if you have a console you are a fan of, you could turn that into wall art, such as having a neon Xbox sign or a neon PlayStation light.

Custom Neon Gaming and Streaming Signs

Personalised neon signs are ideal for gamers and streamers. While LED neon lights come in a wide variety of shapes and colours, you may need a bit of extra help if you are making your own neon sign. We have a Bespoke Neon Sign Builder to help you with your design if you are making a neon YouTube logo. If you want to make a personalised neon sign for a gaming room, popular options are ‘Jo’s Game Zone’, ‘Adam’s Arcade’ or ‘Top Scorer Chris’.

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Pleasing the Crazy Gamer in Your Life

The typical gamer can be particularly tricky to please. Unless they need something for their gaming setup, it might not be obvious what they would like. Except for a more powerful gaming PC, of course, they will always want one of those! Whether they are lucky enough to have a gaming room or just a corner for their gaming gear, they will have a comfy chair to sit in for long periods and a big desk with at least two monitors and a microphone.

Gamers are fond of neon and things that light up. They often have glowing mouse mats, keyboards, headphones and even hard drives! If they can customise anything to flash neon colours, then they will, so it’s easy to see how a piece of neon wall art would fit right in. A game room will most likely be decorated with posters and gaming collectables. Just don’t call their collection ornaments or toys unless you want to offend them!

Gamers and streamers are often fond of Japanese culture. They would love neon kanji characters to go on their wall but double-check the meaning first. Anime and manga are also popular, so you could pay homage to their favourite, such as Neon Genesis Evangelion. No matter how old they are, Pokémon is a perennial favourite, so you could get a neon Pokémon sign or a neon Bulbasaur and Charizard.

It is also quite common for gamers and streamers to be sci-fi fans, and if you know their preferences, you could get a LED neon light of their favourite film or series. Depending on their age, they may like a Star Wars neon sign. Younger ones may be more interested in superheroes, so you could get a neon Avengers sign, a neon Batman symbol or a neon Superman logo light.

If you listen to gamers talking, you may struggle to understand them as they have their own shorthand. However, if you are looking for a gift and want a gaming neon sign, you could have these abbreviations made into wall signs using neon letters. The most common phrases are ‘GG’, which means ‘good game’; ‘WP’, which means ‘well played; or ‘GG no RE’, which means ‘good game, no rematch’.

The Background on Streaming

Streaming is growing exponentially in popularity. Estimates suggest that a fifth of our screen-viewing time is spent on streaming content, and of that, viewers are three times more likely to be watching live videos. While part of the appeal is that anyone can create a video to stream, in reality, streamers need to plan to be successful.

The basic requirements to create a video for YouTube, Twitch or TikTok are a camera, a microphone, streaming software, and a good internet connection. The better your equipment then, the better the end result will be. As well as these basics, you should also invest in some high-quality lighting. No one wants to watch a dim video where they can’t see anything clearly.

With so many streaming platforms available and the ease of creating a video, it can be hard to stand out from the crowd. The key is to be consistent and to create a strong brand. If you regularly upload a video at 8 pm every Wednesday, people will know they can rely on you for content. It’s good to keep on topic and not to upload videos on lots of different subjects so people interested in your speciality will watch you regularly.

The easiest way to create a brand is to customise your background. A plain wall can be dull, but it is easy to get fabric to drape over it in a variety of colours and patterns. You can position shelving behind you and display any collectables you may have related to your content. A neon logo sign displayed behind you when you are talking is a great idea to establish your brand.