Neon Kitchen Signs

A neon kitchen sign could be just the finishing touch your room needs.  The kitchen signs décor has become an extremely popular fashion, and having a light-up kitchen sign is the perfect way to embrace this trend.  Whatever kind of kitchen you have, whether modern, farmhouse, retro or streamlined, there’s a neon kitchen sign that will be great hanging on your kitchen wall.

Neon Kitchen Wall Signs

Kitchen neon lights are a simple but interesting way to put some of your personality into your kitchen. Kitchens are no longer just functional areas but rooms we enjoy spending time in, and a light-up kitchen sign can add to that.

You may like to keep it simple with something like a ‘Bon Appetit’ sign for your kitchen or the word ‘Snacks’ with each letter in a different colour or just ‘Let’s Eat’ or even ‘Kitchen Disco’. If you are looking for something a bit longer, you could consider a kitchen wall sign saying ‘Good food, Good mood’ or ‘Eat Me, Drink Me’.

A classic kitchen saying sign could be ‘The Kitchen is the Heart of the Home’. ‘Meals & Memories Made Here’ or ‘The Secret Ingredient is Love’. Popular in recent times are neon signs saying ‘Let’s Stay Home’, ‘In this kitchen, we dance’ and ‘In this kitchen, we lick the spoon’. Another option is to have a neon wall sign in the shape of your favourite food, whether it’s ice cream, bananas or lemons. Pantry signs are becoming more popular, as are kitchen rules signs, so you may like a neon sign saying ‘Pantry Open 24/7’ or ‘My Kitchen, My Rules’.

Kitchen Neon Lights

Funny Kitchen Signs

A quirky neon kitchen sign always raises a smile. You may choose ‘Don’t be afraid to take whisks’, ‘The Dishes are Looking at me Dirty Again’, ‘Many have eaten here, few have died!’, or ‘Don’t forget to kiss the cook’. Kitchen quote signs can be things like ‘A clean kitchen is a sign of a wasted life’ or ‘I cook with wine, sometimes I even add it to the food’.

You can make an amusing definition into a LED neon sign such as ‘Kitchen: a large space to store a microwave’, ‘Hangry: when the lack of food leads to an emotional state of anger’ and ‘Snaccident: the act of eating the entire thing by mistake’.

Personalised Kitchen Signs

A custom neon sign is always a thoughtful gift, and a personalised sign for a kitchen is a great idea. You could keep it simple with something like ‘Welcome to Nana’s Kitchen’. For a personalised family kitchen sign, you could have ‘Welcome to the Smith’s Kitchen, established 1989’ or ‘Mum’s Kitchen, feeding the Jones since 2001’. If there is a main cook, you could make your own neon sign saying ‘Welcome to Jo’s Domain’, ‘Head Chef, John’, ‘Charlie is Star Baker’ or ‘Chris, chief cook & bottle washer’.

You could also have a custom kitchen sign that focuses more on beverages than food. For example, you could have a personalised kitchen sign saying ‘Tom’s Coffee Bar’, ‘Paula’s Gin Palace’ or ‘Janet’s Wine Cellar’.

To assist you in designing a personalised neon kitchen light, we have a Bespoke Neon Sign Builder. This can help you work out your concept and show you the different options available. You can also give us a call, and we would love to help you with your personalised light up sign. If there’s a particular LED neon sign that you want and we don’t stock it, please get in touch, and we can let you know how much it would be to custom make it.

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Neon Coffee, Wine and Gin Signs for the Kitchen

Of course, we don’t just eat in the kitchen, we also drink, and you may like to have a cool neon LED sign highlighting that. Neon coffee signs for the kitchen range from images of a coffee cup to signs saying ‘Rise & Shine, It’s Coffee Time’ or just a simple ‘But first – Coffee!’

You have probably noticed how popular gin is nowadays, so it’s not surprising that people like gin signs for their kitchens. There’s plenty of choice, including small neon signs saying ‘Gin Corner’, medium ones saying ‘Tick, tock, it’s gin o’clock’, or large kitchen signs saying ‘When life gives you lemons, it’s time to open the gin’.

Most people enjoy wine too, which explains why there are so many wine signs for kitchens. Cool neon wall signs are available such as ‘Life Happens, Wine Helps’, ‘When in doubt, Add more wine’, ‘Uncork & Unwind’, ‘Save water, Drink wine’ and ‘More Wine, Less Whine’.

If you like to be less specific about your favourite beverage, you could go with ‘Alcohol you later’ or images of cocktails glasses or beer bottles. Or, if you would like a long kitchen sign, you could combine drinks and have a light-up wall sign that says ‘A good day starts with Coffee and ends with Wine’.

Neon Baking Signs

A combination of the popularity of ‘The Great British Bake Off’ and lockdown has led many of us to take up baking. You could celebrate a friend’s baking prowess by giving them a fun neon baking sign for their kitchen. It could be a simple ‘Hello Cupcake’ or ‘Let them eat cake’, ‘Always room for dessert’ or ‘Chocolate is always the answer’.

Light Up Signs for Kitchen Vibes

You can have any kind of neon kitchen hanging signs, but a cool idea is to emphasise the type of atmosphere you like your kitchen to have. Neon wall lights can vary from ‘Chill’, ‘Good vibes only’, ‘Cuddles in the Kitchen’ all the way up to ‘No Bitchin’ in my Kitchen’ and ‘This is a self-cleaning kitchen, clean up after yourself’.

Cheeky Neon Wall Lights

You may like to have something a little more risqué to brighten up your kitchen walls. Fun neon wall art available in this category include signs saying ‘Don’t worry dishes, nobody’s doing me either’ and ‘I like my coffee hot, just like my husband’.

A Brief History of the Kitchen

You may be wondering when kitchens were invented. Throughout most of history, cooking was carried out over an open fire. Often this was outside or away from other buildings because of the danger of the fire becoming out of control and bringing down everyone’s shelter. Fires were often communal, and people would naturally gather around them as a source of warmth and light. When fires were brought inside, the difficulty in removing the smoke and soot created issues until chimneys began to be used in the 16th century.

During the Industrial Revolution, metal became cheaper to produce, and metal stoves came into use. Benjamin Franklin invented the Franklin stove in 1742. By the early 1800s, people were using range ovens. By 1826, James Sharp had invented the gas oven, and they quickly became popular as they were cleaner and more reliable. A room for cooking was now part of every home. There was usually a separate scullery with a hand pump for water and larder somewhere cool for storing food.

As improvements in plumbing made running water readily available, and the use of electricity became widespread, electric ovens, fridges, freezers, and sinks became combined into one room. By the 1950s, fitted kitchens were common, and most kitchens included a space to eat instead of having a separate dining room.

Today it is easy to see why the kitchen is often called the heart of the home. Cooking and baking are activities most of us enjoy doing. It is natural to gravitate to the kitchen to get a drink and maybe a snack when we have visitors. Kitchens often have tables where children can be supervised by their parents, who are also cooking at the same time. Breakfast bars and islands are popular as we can prepare food while still socialising with our friends and family. Kitchen styles run the gamut from traditional solid wood to modern space age melamine and everything in between. A neon kitchen light could be just the thing to brighten your walls and bring some personality to the room.