Neon Coffee Signs

Coffee is one of the world’s favourite drinks. A recent poll found that a third of us can’t start the day without a cup of coffee. Coffee shops are now a familiar sight on the high street, and most of us have some kind of coffee machine in our kitchens. So it’s no surprise that neon coffee signs are very popular. Whether using the bright neon glow to draw the eye in a busy city centre to your coffee bar or using a neon wall sign to decorate your kitchen and proclaim your coffee addiction, we have the perfect sign for you.

Coffee Shop Sign

Thanks to the Central Perk neon sign in Friends, using a light-up coffee sign to draw attention to your coffee shop is a familiar concept. Modern led neon flex can be made into pretty much any shape and comes in a wide choice of colours. It is an excellent choice for outdoor neon signs as it is waterproof, durable and costs very little to run.

Coffee Signs for the Kitchen

Neon wall lights are a familiar sign, and it is a cool idea to have your favourite coffee saying made into a LED coffee sign. It’s natural to want our kitchens to reflect our personalities, and neon wall art is a great way to achieve a unique piece of kitchen décor. Making led lighting into words is easy, so you can use your favourite quote about coffee or a funny coffee pun or an amusing definition of coffee. Or, if you like to keep it simple, you could have a coffee cup as a neon coffee sign to brighten up your kitchen.

Coffee Shop Neon Signs

Cafe Neon Sign

You could have a traditional café or a modern coffee bar, but you need to attract custom either way. A LED neon shop sign can be any kind you desire, whether it is a simple coffee bean sign or the name of your establishment. A projecting sign is the best option as it can be seen from every angle, but it depends on local regulations if you are allowed one. The most common type of outdoor shop sign is across the fascia, and a light-up sign is brilliant for drawing attention. It is also worth considering having a sign in your window just below eye level. It could be your business name or a simple ‘Open’ sign or ‘Coffee available here’ that lit up in vibrant neon will catch the eye of passers-by.

Custom Neon Coffee Signs

It’s a lovely individual touch to add your name to the coffee signs in your kitchen. For example, you could have a neon sign saying ‘Welcome to Sam’s Coffee Bar’. If you have a coffee addict in your life, a personalised neon sign can also make a great present. If you want a personalised cafe sign with your business name or logo, you will need a unique design. The flexibility of LED neon makes it an excellent and affordable choice, and we have considerable experience helping shop owners get the perfect sign. Please use our free Bespoke Neon Sign Builder to help work out your design and give our friendly staff a call if you need any help or advice making your own neon sign.

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Ideas For Coffee Neon Signs

So you have decided that a light-up coffee sign is what you would like to add to your walls but you may be struggling for inspiration. A ‘But first coffee’ neon sign or a coffee bean sign are perennial favourites but you may like something a bit different. Here’s some inspiration to help.

What Would Make a Good Light-Up Coffee Sign For a Kitchen?

Obviously, it depends on how big a coffee enthusiast you are as to what kind of neon writing you would like on your wall. You can go with something personal that appeals to you as it is your home. Fans of bad Dad jokes might like ‘I love you a latte’, ‘Coffee before talkie’, or ‘No coffee, no workee’.

Are you one of the many who needs coffee to get you through the day? You may like a LED coffee sign saying something like ‘I will start working when my coffee does’, ‘Give me coffee and no one gets hurt’, ‘Hocus pocus I need coffee to focus’, ‘Rise and shine, it’s coffee time’, ‘A coffee a day keeps grumpy away’, ‘This house runs on love, laughter and a whole lot of coffee’ or ‘A day without coffee is like … Just kidding I have no idea’.

On the other hand, your relationship with coffee may be more of a love affair. You may prefer a light-up coffee sign saying ‘All you need is love and coffee’, ‘Coffee is my love language’, I like my coffee hot, like my husband’, ‘Coffee and love are best when they are hot’, ‘We go together like coffee and doughnuts’.

Funnily enough, most coffee drinks also seem to be fond of wine as well. That would explain why signs such as these are popular: ‘Coffee am, wine pm’, ‘Coffee until it’s time for wine’.

What Would Be a Good Way to Use Neon Light Signage in a Coffee Bar?

It is impossible to ignore neon, so it’s a good choice for signage in a shop. It makes a great ‘Open’ sign, and it’s very useful for directions, for example, a neon arrow pointing the way to the bathroom. If you want to establish your brand, then having your coffee bar’s name and logo on the wall in neon is an excellent idea.

Using neon words as wall art came out of the pop art movement and was made fashionable by artists like Andy Warhol and Tracy Emin. Putting funny coffee signs on the walls of your café can create a modern, light vibe. You have to be careful not to use anything that could potentially offend a customer, but there are lots of amusing coffee sayings you could turn into a LED neon sign.

What’s a Funny Coffee Neon Sign?

If you want a simple, small neon sign, you could have something like ‘Thirsty?’, ‘Coffee time’, ‘Coffee break’, ‘Hello coffee’, ‘But first coffee’, ‘Love is brewing’, ‘It’s coffee o’clock’. If you were thinking of slightly longer options, you could consider ‘Half human, half coffee’, ‘Coffee first, schemes later’. ‘Coffee first, save the world later’, ‘Life happens, coffee helps’, ‘Life begins after coffee’, ‘Life is too short for bad coffee’, ‘Less is more unless it’s coffee’, ‘Currently studying coffeeology’.

If you have the space, you may choose to have a large neon wall sign to make more of an impact. Suggestions you could use include ‘Coffee is always the answer’, ‘Good things happen over coffee’, ‘Coffee, smile, laugh, repeat,’ ‘Instant human just add coffee’, ‘Humans are a caffeine-based lifeform’, ‘May your coffee kick in before reality does’, ‘With enough coffee anything is possible’, ‘Espresso may not be the answer, but it’s worth a shot’, ‘Today’s good mood is sponsored by coffee’, ‘A yawn is a silent scream for coffee’, ‘Coffee and friends make the perfect blend’.

Neon Coffee Definition Signs

There are many humorous definitions of coffee that you could make into a neon wall light. These are some of our favourites: ‘Coffee – the WD40 of adulthood’, ‘Coffee – a liquid hug for your brain’, ‘Coffee – because murder is wrong’, ‘Coffee – a dark, magical liquid that gives energy’, ‘Coffee – my hot friend I was telling you about’, ‘Coffee – starter fluid for the morning impaired’, ‘Procaffeinating: The tendency to not start anything until you’ve had a cup of coffee’.

What’s a Good Neon Sign Quote About Coffee?

Making a quote into a fun neon sign for your wall is a great conversation starter. Some of the best quotes about coffee that you might be familiar with come from some surprising people. One of our favourite coffee quotes is the legendary singer Jonny Cash’s definition of paradise – ‘This morning, with her, having coffee’. June Carter, of course, was the her. Another singer, Henry Rollins, lead of punk band Black Flag gave us – ‘What goes best with a cup of coffee? Another cup.’ Cartoonist Stephanie Piro said, ‘Behind every successful woman is a substantial amount of coffee’. Finally, according to Jackie Chan, ‘Coffee is a language in itself’.