Neon Hair Salon and Barber Shop Signs

Your choice of salon décor is essential as it attracts clients and conveys what kind of salon you have. Neon signs and wall art can help to create a bright, modern appearance. It’s impossible to ignore neon, and a tasteful salon sign can help you stand out in a crowded marketplace. Whether it is a neon outdoor sign or a neon wall sign with a motivational saying, we can help you find the perfect sign to welcome people to your hair salon or barber shop.

Neon Outdoor Salon Signs

The first thing potential customers will see is the sign outside your salon. Taking the time to make sure it is eye-catching while also fitting in with the design for your salon is vital. A LED neon salon sign works well as they are durable, waterproof, and economical to run. Using LED neon light signage means you have a wide range of colours to choose from and its flexibility allows it to be very versatile. A good principle to keep in mind when choosing a sign for your hairdressers or barbers is that it needs to be readable in 5 seconds. Anything longer is too much information to make an impact on passers-by.

Hair Salon and Barber Shop Neon Signs

Hair Salon Neon Wall Lights

Neon wall lights can provide the finishing touch to the design for your salon. If you want to establish your brand, having your business logo displayed as a neon light will definitely make an impression. Using neon signage in your hair salon can help direct clients to areas such as the bathroom or to attract attention to retail shelving of products you hope they might be interested in buying.

Neon wall art is a popular fashion that shows no sign of going away and can be a fantastic way to give your hair salon some personality. You may like to have some neon lights featuring images of things connected to beauty, such as a pair of lips, a set of long eyelashes, scissors, a comb or a hairdryer. Or you could have a neon sign with words saying something funny or motivational.

Personalised Neon Salon Signs

Choosing a sign to represent your hairdressing business is essential, and we are happy to help. We have a Bespoke Neon Sign Builder that can help to clarify your concept. Modern faux neon signs can be any colour and shape. Please get in touch if you would like any advice on designing a custom neon sign.

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Shop Front Signs for your Hair Salon or Barber Shop

There are three different kinds of outdoor signs for businesses you can choose from.

Fascia Signs

These are the most common kind of shop signs. The advantage of a fascia sign is that you usually have plenty of space for your design. Having a light-up salon sign helps catch the eye during the day and even more so after dark.

Projecting Signs

If local regulations allow projecting signs, these are the best type to have. Because they stick out at right angles to your shop front, they can be seen from all directions. Having a vibrant neon salon sign will attract plenty of attention to your business.

Window Sign

A neon sign in your shop window is an option worth considering. It may be a simple ‘Open’ sign, or it could have your logo and salon name. Having a sign in your window means you can position it just below eye level so it can catch the attention of people walking by and maybe entice them into your beauty salon.

Hair Salon Sign Ideas

Short slogans can be made into small neon signs such as ‘Hello Gorgeous’, ‘Treat Yourself’ and ‘Babe cave’. If you would like something a bit longer, then you can make LED neon into saying like ‘Big hair, Big Dreams’, ‘Love is in the Hair’, ‘Hey Good Looking’, ‘You’re beautiful’, ‘Lather, rinse, repeat’, ‘Better late than ugly’, and ‘Look great, feel great’.

You may like to have a light-up wall sign with a motivational beauty saying to entertain your customers, such as ‘Improve your selfies, make an appointment’, ‘I hope your day is as nice as your hair’, ‘Life isn’t perfect, but your hair can be’, ‘I don’t need a man, I need a manicure and a tan’. If you have the space, you could have a large neon wall sign as the focal point of your hair salon with a saying such as ‘Great hair doesn’t happen by chance, it happens by appointment’, ‘Beauty comes from inside, inside the beauty salon’, ‘Whoever said money can’t buy happiness hasn’t found the right hairdresser’.

What is the Origin of the Barber Pole Sign?

Men care about their hair just as much as women nowadays, maybe even more. Barber shops tend to have a different vibe to beauty salons, but a barber with a neon sign will look cool. A popular choice is to have a barber pole made into a neon sign.

You may wonder how the red and white barber pole came to be associated with cutting men’s hair. The reason for this barbershop sign is that originally barbers were also surgeons. A popular theory is that in days gone by when bloodletting was a standard treatment for just about anything, the barber-surgeons would hang up their blood-soaked bandages to dry outside their shop.

What is the History of Hairdressing?

The earliest records of hairdressing practices date back to the Egyptians. Although both male and female Egyptians tended to shave their heads and wear wigs, it seems that they also used henna to cover their grey hairs.

Ancient Greek women definitely dyed their hair, using a permanent black hair dye made from fermented leeches. They also used bronze rods to curl their hair. If you have seen any images of ancient Greek women on artefacts in museums, you will notice that they were fond of elaborate plaits, braids and up-dos.

The Romans bleached and curled their hair in a similar fashion to the Greeks, and they invented the first curling iron that used heat to create waves. Meanwhile, in Japan, women were using lacquer as an early form of hairspray.

By the 1600s, hairdressing was a respectable profession and much in demand. The first celebrity hairdresser was a Parisian called Champagne, who was famous for throwing tantrums halfway through a cut and storming out of his hair salon throwing insults at his aristocratic clients.

In the mid-1700s, a tax on wig powder ended their popularity. Happily, about the same time, Europeans began using shampoo. Legros de Rumigny becomes the official hairdresser of the French court and opens an academy to teach others his skills.

At the end of the 19th-century, advances in technology led to the invention of things like metal combs, curling irons and electric hairdryers. 1905 saw the first perm, and a couple of years later, the first synthetic dye was used. By the end of the century, hair salons and barber shops were a fixture of shopping centres. Although lockdowns during the coronavirus pandemic forced many to cut their own hair, a trip to the hairdressers is still a regular part of most people’s lives.