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Upload your image and get a free neon sign mockup from our design team. Turn your design into a beautiful light up LED sign to catch peoples attention. We can make neon lights for business, neon signs for your bar and more!

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Make it personal! – Add a touch of personality to your home or office with a custom neon sign. We can create any design you can imagine, so let your imagination run wild! Our signs are made with high quality LED neon flex, which means they have a 100,000 hour life. This is much longer than traditional neon signs, meaning your sign will last for years to come!

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    Neondirect will add colour to your room

    You don’t have to be an expert designer or artiste in order for your neon signs and logos stand out. Send us a photo or image of what you want, along with any ideas that may help guide our designers through making it happen! We’ll work fastidiously on creating high-quality amazing artwork for you at affordable prices so all can enjoy them without breaking the budget! Just fill out our quick quote form to proceed with your ideas.

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    Everything you need, made easy

    Create your own LED Neon Signs

    We have been creating handmade LED neon lights for years. Let us help you to light up your home, work shop, event, business, brand or favourite space with a premium quality LED sign which unlike vintage glass is extremely cost-effective and efficient.

    We take your favourite saying, wording or logo and using the highest quality LED tube on the market we turn it into beautiful personalised neon sign.

    Purchase one of our handmade custom designs or browse our shop for some inspiration and let us know if you need anything. We love talking about and designing something beautiful for our customers.

    Neon lights will never go out of fashion and when buying from our site you can be sure that you are buying neon lights that will last just as long as the trend… forever!

    If pre-made isn’t your thing maybe a personalised piece of art is for you. Please let us know if you need any help designing your art statement to ad a splash of colour to your wall.

    Whatever you buy should be something that means something to you and should move you every time you look at it.

    Our brand is all about quality. Our signs are made from LED Neon Flex which is made from soft plastic tubes with lots of LEDs inside. We can custom create in a huge range of colours such as; White, Warm White, Yellow, Orange, Red, Soft Pink, Hot Pink, Violet, Light Blue, Green, Cyan and Dark Blue. Whatever your style, we have got you covered.

    Once you have browsed our site and found the sign you love and have gone through the checkout process. We then begin creating and getting everything ready.

    The first step is to cut the acrylic. This is done in our C&C machine. Your design is then etched into the acrylic. We manufacture onto an acrylic backing which is Clear as standard but can be any colour you want that can be Cut To Shape, Whole Board or Hollow Out. Our Hollow Out option is perfect for if you have a flower wall as it makes the insides of the letters hollow so the leaves can protrude and creates a cool effect.

    Once the sign has been fully manufactured it is then quality assessed to ensure it meets our standards and once we are happy it is then shipped to the customer.

    In the unlikely event that anything is damaged during shipping, you don’t need to worry as our shipments are fully covered. But we ensure that we package everything well before it leaves our work shop.

    Stylish Neon Light Signs

    Neon lights are making a comeback thanks to a more energy-efficient and affordable material (LEDs and Neon Flex). Traditional methods use a glass tube and are filled with gas which generates a lot of heat and uses lots of electricity.

    Our Neon Lights that you can find on our online shop use modern LED Neon Tubing that allows for a new generation to enjoy a new experience with a larger range of options such as; colour, backing style and backing colours. The best part is they are significantly cheaper than traditional glass models.

    Thanks to the affordability, energy efficiency, durability, and safety of our products you can now buy wall decorations for a huge variety of applications. Add a stunning addition to your wedding party décor, create a statement for bedroom or home decor, personalise your space with neon lamps and a huge range of designs for kids’ rooms. Add a unique touch or get one of our handmade and bespoke alternatives to keep your space lit and turn your vision into a reality.

    When you are trying to decide what to buy there are lots of things to think about. What colour to get, what backing style to get, which wall to put it on. Neon direct will do everything possible to help from selecting the right colour for you to where on your wall to mount it. We will advise as best we can. From your arrival on our site to checkout we will be there.

    Get a Neon Sign for your Business

    Are you a business that is looking to create a personalised neon for your workspace? What about a completely unique piece of art to light up your workspace? You have come to the right place because in our work shop we can make a bespoke options upon request.

    Putting a neon light in any space instantly makes a beautiful atmosphere. Mounted in the entrance to your work space or used at an event for advertising purposes, a neon sign will be perfect. Visit our online shop and browse our pre-made designs or let us help you custom create something unique for your business.

    LED neon light signs are a beautiful piece of art. They are perfect for shop owners who want to attract customers using colourful lighting. Some of our customers choose to have them hanging in front of their glass window on the shop front which is the ultimate advertising method for people passing by their shop.

    Why are LED Neon Signs better than Glass Neon Signs?

    Quite simply the LEDs in our Neon Signs are more efficient and cost a huge amount less than traditional glass alternatives. Glass neon uses a glass tube which is extremely fragile and contains various gasses which need to be refilled every so often, which is an expensive process.

    Our signs can last up to 100,000 hours and don’t need any maintenance. LED lights last much longer than traditional argon or helium tubes and not only save you money as they are a great budget option, but they are also less hassle, as you do not have to worry about refilling dangerous gases.

    We believe that our solution is the way forward. Taking our customer’s feedback and ideas into consideration we are always improving our products and service.

    Unleash Your creativity!

    Get creative and design your own neon sign. Your name, motto you live by, your business mission, or the motivational quote that you have always loved – choose anything and create customised neon signage. With the option of various fonts and colours, custom design something that reflects your personality. Get started now – leave us a request and we will help you create your own custom piece of art right away!