Neon Wedding Signs

Neon wedding signage could be just the thing to finish off your wedding décor.  Whether you are planning a traditional white wedding or a modern, stylish wedding, neon wedding signs can fit in with any scheme.  They can be used on the day to provide backdrops to photos and welcome guests to your wedding, and afterwards, they can be hung on your wall as a reminder of your wedding day.

Show Your Love with a Neon Light

The great thing about LED neon lights is they come in all shapes, sizes and colours, making them adaptable for any wedding theme you choose.  Neon lights are great for catching the eye, so they are ideal for providing directions and highlighting those special touches you have provided for your wedding guests.

You may like to have a simple image like a rose or a neon love heart.  Or you may prefer the modern art trend of using words to make a neon wall sign, something like ‘I love you’, or ‘Finally’.  You could use a favourite quote or a short, fun phrase highlighting your love.  Another popular choice is to have a light-up Mr and Mrs sign.  You may like to have an inspirational saying for your neon light, or you could have funny wedding signs.

Wedding Day Neon Signs

Neon Wedding Welcome Signs

Using LED neon lights to welcome guests to your wedding is a great option.  You could actually have a bright neon sign saying ‘Welcome’ or use your neon signs with arrows to provide directions to the wedding reception, car parking, bathrooms and sweet table.  You could have light-up signs saying things like ‘Welcome to our beginning’, ‘Welcome to our happily ever after’, or ‘Be our Guest’.  If you are embracing social media, then a neon hashtag sign is a brilliant idea, but if you are avoiding technology, then a neon unplugged wedding sign is a tactful way to let your guests know.

Personalised Wedding Signs

A custom neon wedding sign is a lovely idea and provides a unique souvenir of your special day.  You could choose to make customised LED lights from something simple like a love heart with your initials, or you could combine your names with your wedding date.  You may opt for a personal sign referring to the bride and groom’s relationships, such as a ‘Daddy, here comes Mummy’ wedding sign or ‘Uncle, here comes your bride’.  We have a Bespoke Neon Sign Builder to assist you to make your own neon sign.  If you would like some advice, please get in touch, and we would be happy to help.

Create your own now

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What Would Make a Great LED Neon Wedding Sign?

Using the versatility of modern faux neon to make words into light-up signage is a fashionable trend at the moment.  If you would like your neon wall art to be short and sweet, you could choose something like ‘Love wins’, ‘One love’, ‘Better Together’, ‘Drunk in love’, ‘Crazy in love’, ‘You + Me’, ‘Just married’, ‘Dearly beloved’, ‘PS I love you’, or ‘Best day ever’.

You may opt for something a little longer such as ‘Happily ever after’, ‘True love forever’, ‘Forever & Always’, ‘Live, Laugh, Love’, ‘Love you more’, ‘It was always you’, ’til death do us party’, or ‘Let’s get this party started’.  Whether you choose something sentimental or something funny, you will have a cool neon sign for your wedding.

What’s a Good Quote About Love for a Neon Wedding Sign?

Using a quote for your neon wedding sign is a clever idea.  Some of the best writers in the world have honed the perfect line to convey love, and you can borrow their words to express how you feel on your wedding day.  Don’t be afraid to tweak the words a little, maybe changing I into we.  You can find iconic quotes from movies such as ‘You complete me’, ‘To me, you are perfect’, ‘As you wish’, ‘You and me.  Every day’.

From the writers of books and poets, we get quotes such as ‘And so the adventure begins’, ‘My heart, my life, my one and only thought’, ‘I carry your heart with me’, ‘My love is like a red, red rose’, ‘How do I love you?  Let me count the ways’, ‘Love makes the world go round’, and ‘I’ll hold your hand to the very end’.

Songs are full of beautiful lines about love that you could use for a neon wedding sign.  For example, you could use ‘I got you babe’, ‘All you need is love’, ‘On the wings of love’, ‘Young hearts run free’, ‘To the moon and back’, ‘I only want to be with you’, ‘We believe in a thing called love’, ‘Love makes the world go round’, ‘The best is yet to come’, and ‘We believe in a thing called love’.

What Signs Are Needed at a Wedding?

When you start planning a wedding, you will quickly realise that there are many things to consider and arrange.  You want all your guests to enjoy themselves and for your special event to run smoothly.  Having plenty of clear signs can help contribute to a successful day.  Having your wedding signage made from LED neon is ideal as the bright light of neon draws attention, and it is versatile and adaptable to fit in with your wedding décor.  Here are some signs you might want to consider having at your wedding.

Wedding Direction Signs

It can be helpful to have signs to direct your wedding guests, and LED neon lights can be used for this purpose.  You may like to have a road sign saying ‘Wedding This Way Sign’ or light-up arrows pointing the way to the parking for the wedding reception or a sign showing where the wedding entrance is.

Wedding Bar Sign

Make it easy for your thirsty wedding guests to find a drink by having a vibrant neon wedding bar sign.  If you are having an open bar at your wedding, then a flex neon sign informing your guests saves embarrassment and lets everyone know about your generosity.

Wedding Cake and Dessert Table Sign

The wedding cake is an essential feature of any reception, so you may want to use a neon sign to direct attention to it.  Dessert tables are often located away from the central eating area, so you could use arrows to direct your guests.

Sweet Table Sign

A recent concept is to have a sweet table at your wedding or candy bar, as they are sometimes called.  Paper bags are available so wedding guests can help themselves from the selection of sweets provided, like a retro pic-n-mix.  Sweet tables are a fun idea, and a cute neon sign is the perfect complement, maybe saying ‘Love is sweet, take a treat’.

Wedding Cards and Gifts Sign

Traditionally guest like to bring a wedding card and gift for the newlyweds.  Having a neon sign to direct your kind guests to the area set aside for these is a good idea.  You may choose to have a post box or a card box, and a sign could highlight it.  Having a guestbook so your guests can leave you a personal message that you can read later is a lovely idea, and you could have a sign to let everyone know where it is located.

Wedding Photos Sign

Your wedding day will pass by in a whirl, so having plenty of photographs to capture the event are essential.  A neon sign is great to have in the background of your official photos and can also be used as part of the backdrop to a photo booth.

A fun thing you could do is to have a polaroid cameras station for guests to capture candid moments and a sign with directions on how to use them.  A popular sign to use for this is ‘Oh snap!’.  If you think more instructions are needed, you could say ‘Snap it, shake it, stick it, sign it’.  You could have a display set up with pegs on rows of strings for the photos to be pinned up.  If you opt to set up a polaroid wedding guest book, you will have a book filled with shots of all your friends and family in their wedding finery to look back on and reminisce.  Don’t forget to provide pens and double-sided sticky tape to make it easy!

Wedding Favours Sign

Wedding favours have a long history dating back before the 16th century in Europe.  Italians gave almonds, the French gave little boxes of sweets called bonbonnieres, and the English shared lace love knots.  Whatever you decide to give to your wedding guest, a thoughtful way to present your wedding favours is on a table with a sign inviting people to help themselves.  A nice touch could be to place a neon thank you sign above the wedding favour station to show your appreciation.

Weddings Guests’ Comfort Signs

Obviously, you want your wedding guests to be comfortable and to enjoy themselves.  There are a number of thoughtful things you could provide to make sure they are comfortable.

A wedding toiletry basket could supply those little things that are easily forgotten but vital when needed.  Also known as amenity baskets or wedding bathroom baskets, you can fill them with items like breath mints, sewing kits, hand sanitisers, wet wipes, stain removers, deodorant, antacids, plasters, hairbrush and comb, hairspray, hair ties and grips, sanitary products, nail file and painkillers (makes sure they are out of reach of children).  It would be helpful to add a sign, so guests know they are complementary, such as ‘Some lovely treats to keep you neat’.

Some other considerate things you could supply for your wedding guests are bug spray with a fun sign saying ‘Be smitten not bitten’; blankets for chilly evenings with a sign saying ‘To have and to hold, in case you get cold’; flip flops for guests wanting to ditch their high heels with a sign saying ‘A little treat, for your damaged feet’, or ‘If your feet are tired and sore, slip these on and dance some more’.

Wedding Send-Off Signs

Everyone enjoys a fun send-off, and no one wants to miss out because they didn’t know the plan.  Have a bright neon sign to make sure you get the send-off you want, whether it is throwing confetti, guests waving sparklers or glow sticks or a petal toss.