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Product information

We care about your experience when shopping with us. So we have created this page so you know exactly what to expect in your package, how to set it up and so you can learn about our products.

How to setup your sign

Getting started

colour options

Choose your colour style

Single Colour LED

Choose 1 of our 18 different colour options available for your neon sign. This will include a remote that you can turn your sign on/off, change the brightness and select different pulsing and dimming modes.

RGB Multi Colour

This will include a remote that you can turn your sign on/off, change the brightness, choose from a range of different colours on the remote and select different light effects.

RGB Full Colour

The most premium option we offer and one of our most popular add ons! RGB Full Colour control will enable you to fully customise your sign with colour mixing and a wide range of different effects such as colour chasing, lighting effects, pulsing and dimming modes. This can all be controlled via an iPhone/iPad application as well as controlled by your supplied controller.

more options

Backboard options

Cut to shape

Our most popular option. This is where the acrylic backing follows the shape of the design. Ideal for designs smaller than 150cm.

Whole board

This option is where the acrylic is cut in a square/rectangle depending on the length & height of your chosen design. Ideal for designs bigger than 150cm

more options

Font grid

Custom builder